Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Journey of the Heart

My sister and her husband have never had children. Nearly 5 years ago they applied to adopt a child from China. I don't know why the adoption process slowed so drastically in recent years, but the waiting has been excruciating, especially since they were approved right away. Add that to the years they spent hoping to conceive a child of their own, and it's been decades of waiting for them, as they are now into their 50's.

Finally, they received the final step - photos and information on the little girl who would be their daughter - and are scheduled to travel to China near the end of September to get her.
On our beloved GAS Mamma challenge for this month, we were to alter a matchbox themed "travel".
Needless to say, I'm not entering this in the challenge swap, but am giving it to my sister. It will hopefully go to China with her, as a little token of our love and our joy.
Included in it is the verse from I John 5:4 which says:
"For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world:
and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith."
They have chosen for her American name - Victory.
And here she is!

Thanks for sharing our joy.


  1. Oh my goodness Nancy... this has brought me to tears. We sometimes take for granted that we have been blessed enough to have our children and yet there are many, like your sister and her husband, who have to endure the trauma and pain of going through this process... probably not daring to believe the final outcome until their darling little girl is actually in their arms. My prayers will be for them and for you all that by the end of September they will be a family. Then the true happiness can overflow. The box is exquisite, a treasure to be kept in the family as a reminder of this momentous time. Gods blessings to you all. Jan xx

  2. Nancy, this is a gorgeous litle treasure, you are a real angel.....with wings and a halo xx

  3. I am pleased for you, that your sister has had such great news. And this is a real treasure.

  4. Oh Nancy how beautiful and a gift for your sister to treasure always.

  5. This is such wonderful news Nancy, and what bliss your sister and her husband will have when they finally have the little girl they have always dreamed of. That box is just amazing - and filled with love. Jennie xx

  6. Such a wonderful giftfor her to treasure...lovely!

    And I'm so happy for them.

    Love, jess

  7. Wonderful news Nancy , and a great gift.

  8. It's a beautifull matchbox. A very nice gift for your sister and your new familymember.

  9. What a beautiful story,and a lovely thought creating this amazing gift for her

  10. Great news for your family Nancy. A new child in the family is such a great cause for celebration. I love the box you made - what a treasure. Bx

  11. How wonderful! It's amazing how much red tape one goes through. Many blessings and love to them with them as a family.
    Your box will no doubt be cherished in the many years to come:)

  12. Oh nancy this is just awesome. Wants me to get back to these challenges. Wj=hat a heartfelt creation.