Friday, October 2, 2009

What IS Zetti?

I get asked this a lot, as do others who attempt to "do" Zetti.
And I say 'attempt' because so many of us struggle to "get it".
No one seems to be able to put it into words, exactly, myself included.
It seems to be a state of mind. Sometimes I can get there and sometimes I can't.

What I do know (I think):
  • There are often pointy hats, stripey legs and strange faces with mismatched eys.
  • There are lots of black and white stripes in borders and other places.
  • Backgrounds are usually painted and textured.
  • It IS collage work, usually, along with hand drawn and stamped images and backgrounds ... sometimes.
  • Clown noses appear pretty frequently and bodies and heads are usually very mismatched.
  • Magazine cut outs are commonly used along with other kinds of materials.

    So..... Does that help? No. I thought not.

    Teesha Moore is the person who "invented" as an art form/style, and you can see some of her work Here. She's the queen.
    There is a Flickr Group called Zettiology, and I've installed our hot-button in the sidebar to your right. It looks like this.
It was created by the group admin, Jade Adams, a true Zetti guru.
You can go there and see what others of us are doing with varying degrees of success.
Oh, and thanks for asking.


  1. Ah, she says, as if she is a true expert on zetti now! Thanks for that Nancy, I now have an inkling what it's about, and thankyou. Your rendering in that case, was spot on. Well done.

  2. Neat!

    Hope all is well ...just letting you know I'm still lurking!

    Love and happy new week