Friday, April 2, 2010


I have entered another project for Arthouse Co-op.
The subject of this one is "Sorry", in which each artist produces a flock of (no larger than) 3 x 3" works that depict things we are sorry about. A cleansing process, we hope.

See more about the project HERE.
Each entrant may produce as many as 15 pieces. (Don't know if I'm THAT sorry). And each is promised at least one piece in the book that will be published.
Entrance fee is only $5.00 for this one. Here's an opportunity you might not want to miss!

I have two "possible entries" done, as of today.
Each is 3"x3".
It's a good opportunity for me to practice with watercolor. I REALLY need it!

This is about wasted years of partially-formed dreams.

This is about anger.

Thanks for coming by to see what I'm up to. Hope to visit you soon.


  1. Wow I love boyh pieces but the anger one really made me stop and look and look again.

  2. Thanks, Clare. It does that to me, too!

  3. Nancy Pants, this is great! Angry looks like he means it!

    thanks, too, for the postcard in my mail yesterday. I loved it and it is now in a place of honor on my bulletin board! Are you a designer now, too?

  4. Whoa...speaks to me!

  5. Great, strong, powerful rage!

    Very nice, Nancy!

  6. São trabalhos muito criativos ,lindos mesmos!