Thursday, June 10, 2010

Latest Collages

The challenge at Artful Ideas ATC group was to create a particular type of collage by cutting things up and putting them back together. Do stop by and see what everyone has done. Artful Ideas is open to new members. Just click on the "join" link to participate in the fun.

ATC challenges are what I cut my "mixed-media-teeth" on. (I know that was very poor sentence structure, but oh well...) It's a great way to learn and try out new techniques and media and we share our trials and errors, learning something every time!

Here is what I did. I really got into these and made a 'few' .

Paschkis Scrambled

Love Life

over Stated

Yes, I have been doing a lot of creative work, but it's been more directed toward real life and not what I'd share on line. However, still participating in a few swap challenges, so you can visit my Flickr spot if you like.

I appreciate your stopping by my bloggy place. Thanks for looking.


  1. Hi Nancy!! This is an interesting challenge and I like what you've done with it. I particularly like 'overstated'. Thanks for visiting my blog, I don't get around so much myself these days. May have to 'borrow' those zetti images though - not that I can do anything witht hem at the moment!!

  2. Wow, that's really neat!!!

  3. I love the collages Nancy Pants! I especially love the last one!

  4. Hey the last one looks like me. I feel just like she does and often.


  5. good grief! I was wondering where you'd gone!!

  6. thanks for a great challenge this time Nancy - needed a little thought but it has set me off on trying a new way of "repurposing" my art. Love the examples that you have shown us