Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's July already!

The Independence Day celebrations are over and here we are in mid-July! I don't know where the time went. Tomatoes are doing well and the flowers are gorgeous, so I'm going to have more time for other pursuits.
I have done a few things I'll share here, and if you want more,
there's always my Flickr Photostream.
This is "Hubert and Maude"
an atc

''His Master's Voice"
a steampunky digital postcard

Here is a sneak peek at a project I am doing with my very best friend, to celebrate the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

A combination of both Anne's and my painting, with digital work.

Thanks for coming by. Best wishes to all my cyber friends. (You know who you are)



  1. Nancy Pants, I love them all, but the master's voice one is really, really kewl!

  2. And I love the 3rd one where the two of you have combined your talents so beautifully.

  3. I know! can you Believe August is almost upon us and the summer will be over??? wow.

    I'd ask where it went...but the answer would be to read my blog since I've made a point of daily journaling my vacation there. :-)

  4. The "dress extravagantly" had me laughing out loud! The steam punk postcard is a whimsical, wonderful bit of art. The last is a beautiful expression of your faith. Applause for all three!

  5. Hey there lady! Your ATC's are as cute as ever! Hope you are doing well!



  6. How are you Nancy? Long time no post. I must admit to little posting myself over the summer but the autumn is encouraging me to hibernate a little - close to the computer! Hope you are well. Bx

  7. thank you so much for stopping by. i returned about a month ago and the first weeks i did very little but rest, rest, rest and pull myself together. it has been an incredible enduring year, for many of us, and it is so good to be home and tap into what is really important. i will check out the storefront that you mailed me. in the meantime i am having lots of giveaways and cleaning out tons and tons around the house, i changed while away and really need to start fresh. missed you very much and you were often on my mind. blessings, as always, constanza