Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Back to Blogging...Again

I used to be such a faithful (read 'constant') blogger until my life took a new shape and I became very busy. I miss it. I miss hearing from my friends and sharing my thoughts and my projects. So here are a few things I've been doing since I was last here.

First -- I got a part time job and really threw myself into it. Thought it would be the dream job of all time for someone like me, a bibliophile. A book store job, no less. I joined with a crew to bring the store into existence, working my you-know-what off and doing things I didn't even know I could do. We put together the entire store - 6000 sq. ft. of shelves filled with books and opened in early December. I was ecstatic.

Imagine my disappointment when, working in close quarters with her, I found out that the manager was an awful bully who took personal delight in invalidating those around her. She took a particular dislike to 'moi', going quite out of her way to pick apart every thing I did.

I bit my tongue and hoped for the best for a very long 2 months until I finally had the bad manners to respond to one of her humiliating tirades with a very tiny one of my own. She fired me. And I am still really mad about it!

But I'm relieved that I don't have to come home each day upset and bummed out. What appeared to be my dream job was a nightmare in disguise. I really learned a lot about retail and book selling in particular, though, and made two very good friends who worked with me.

I guess it's a colorful addition to my CV. I was never fired before! Hey, people, it's never to late to experience something new!

So the Captain and I got busy right away on a cottage industry project. We are making these.

Disciple's Cross

We order our supplies from the company who holds the patent and make them according to their strict standards. They buy them from us, but we are free to find other markets and sell them ourselves. I have one local store carrying them and have a lot more inquiries to make. And we are definitely having fun. There's a little link at the top of this page where you can find out more about these.

Thanks for visiting me today.



  1. Good to see you back Nancy. As for the Job From Hell - well, I guess some people are so unhappy they have to make other people's lives the same. I guess you were fired just a leetle before you could QUIT! You're better off without poisonous (probably jealous) people like that in your life.

    The new cottage industry looks like it will be keeping you busy anyway. Jennie xx

  2. glad you've come out of hiding!

    the crosses are pretty.

    never stay in a crappy job!! and hey! everyone should be fired at least once!


  3. Good to see you Nancy, didn't realise that the bookstore job had turned out like this. Still looks like you have plenty to keep busy. For some reason, (probably work) I haven't been around much lately either and I really miss everyone!! So big hugs to you, will try and pop round more.


  4. Hi y dear Nancy,

    Good to see you are back.
    I´m so happy that you ok.
    Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs.

  5. Oh Nancy, I hadn't realised you'd left your job! Sounds as though you're better off out of there - such a shame after you put in so much hard work too. At least you've lots of time with your new cottage industry project now - good luck with that - crosses look great.

  6. I, too, have been in the same position before I retired and it is not pleasant to go home every evening feeling upset. You did the right thing and are well out of that stressful situation.
    Your crosses are very attractive and I wish you both good luck in your little industry.

  7. Glad your back to the blog world as I have always enjoyed and missed your posts.
    Sounds like your going to be just as busy but in a calmer and lovinng atmosphere.
    Her loss not yours.

    Clare x

  8. There's a first time for everything in this life Nancy but not sure getting fired is one you would want to experience, having read your story I think you really are better out than in tho'

  9. You're ALIVE! :) Glad to see you. You really haven't lived until you've been fired. I've been fired in two far. I like those crosses, and I'll bet they will be a hit. No pentacle varieties?