Thursday, July 30, 2009

On a Royalty kick? I guess I am.

The Last of the Tudors

Queen Elizabeth I.
She has long been an inspiration to me. I began reading everything I could lay my hands on, about her, when I was a teenage girl and was encouraged by her faith, her strength and her persistence.
Having lived an uncertain life of peril and intrigue, imprisoned and abused, and under constant threat of assasination or exile, she survived to accomplish wonderful things as Queen of England and Ireland.
She has her admirers and she has her detractors - even now - just as she did when she lived.
I shall remain a faithful fan.
This is a 3x5, collaged using some of my own hand-prepared papers and some 'ready-made'.
Entered into the 3 Muses' "Inspirational People" challenge.


  1. Wow, Nancy, you have blown me away with your stunning artwork. It is so rich in colour and gilding and yet the image you have chosen shows a very young and vulnerable girl which, of course, she was. It is so beautiful. I enjoyed your word-picture too. Take a bow because there is a standing ovation coming from 12,000 miles away!!

  2. What lovely papers you've used for this tribute to Elizabeth. I enjoyed the accompanying journaling, and your beautiful tribute. Thanks for joining our challenge!

  3. Nancy, your gorgeous tribute to Elizabeth is outstanding! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  4. Nancy, such a joy and such rich and beautiful images and I love your tribute too.

    I am in awe of artists able to make and use papers and ephemera. Kudos my friend.

    PS I'm slowly working on the 'Mabel' thing.

  5. Wow, this is just sooo wonderful!! Love it, your composition is great!!

    Well done!!!


  6. Really lovely tribute to Elizabeth Nancy!

  7. Great Elizabeth ATC! I thought of Elizabeth too except it was the other Eliabeth. I've been posting for a long while too. I think I orginally signed up as Nancy B. Not sure how I just went to just Nancy.

  8. Hi Nancy, This is lovely. I like the sense of balance and control, especially in light of the story. Wonderful.

    Hugs, Donna

  9. oops...somehow I'm following you twice. :-) I won't miss a thing!

  10. Great choice, Nancy! Your work is wonderful, I see it reflecting the duality of Elizabeth: royalty on one side, vulnerability on the other. Beautiful artwork!