Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Queen Eleanor and Fair Rosamund

"To Be A Queen"

The lives of King Henry II, his queen, Eleanor and his young mistress, Rosamund, are shot with legend and mystery. Did Eleanor murder Rosamund or did she, as some say, die quietly in the convent to which she finally fled?
And who was the culprit? The philandering king, the strong-willed, hard-hearted queen, or the young maiden, herself?
Many artists have taken up the brush to illustrate this story. The images I've chosen are from a painting by Evelyn de Morgan.
To learn more about the story go to The Woman in the Bower.
It's one of those wonderful "Olde Englishe Tales". :)
I've submitted it to
for the Kings and Queens challenge.
Background is done with gesso, inks, pen and ink and embossing.
I've used vintage gold glitter and glossy gold backing paper.


  1. And its beautiful Nancy. I love the history too
    hugs June x

  2. This is fantastic! What a great inspiration piece.

  3. Beautiful ATC -full of rich color and images- wow!

  4. Oh wow this is fantastic.
    Love the structure in the background.