Thursday, July 23, 2009

When Time Stands Still

When time stands still
And nothing breaks the silence
But the echoes of what might have been,

No tears -
And no more words to say .
That precious moment passed away.

And as I walk this desert place
I will remember other songs
And, in the silence of my heart,

Sing one for you.


by Nancy Torsen

This atc was submitted to the Theme Thursday challenge.


  1. Wow this is fantastic.
    Wonderful ATC.

  2. The ATC is quite lovely; the words are equally beautiful. You are a talented lady, Nancy!

  3. Lovely ATC. The colors are gorgeous.

  4. Lovely art Nancy and beautiful poetry. I especially enjoyed the poem and found the words of the second stanza very moving .
    We share more than a love of art methinks. A passion for poetry too. I havent however written in ages
    hugs June x
    ps thanks so much for joining my new blog at dezinaworld