Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Surreal Circus - digital art.


Digital art for the 3 Muses challenge, by ntorsen.

I love circus art - and clowns. So you may see more clowns around here than some people are comfortable with.

I'd like to get my hands on the guy that invented 'evil clowns'. As a semi-professional clown, I know that part of our training is focused heavily on being non-threatening. For example: A real clown never throws candy or toys in a parade. He or she walks to the sidelines and presents them to a child. Anything to avoid hurting anyone or presenting a frightening image. It's fine to grab the arm of an adult and do a "swing your partner" dance, but you don't do that to a child. It might scare them.

So, here's to the happy, loving, laugh-provoking clown. Long may he wave!!

I sincerely hope I did surreal without scary.



  1. Well, I think your surr-cus surr-tainly did surreal to a T! The journaling about clowns was interesting as well. Thank you so much for bringing your talent to our challenges!

  2. Goal accomplished! Wonderfully surreal and non-threatening in the least! Hugs, Terri

  3. Hi Nancy,

    This is fantastic, absolutely surreal.
    Love them.

  4. Your gorgeous surreal surr-cuss reminds me of scary movies with dream sequences featuring sinister clowns and threatening backdrops!! I love it. Fantastic take on the theme this week.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous.

  6. Wow, this is well designed and stunning!

  7. Super surreal and yes, non scary clowns Nancy and I love how I can look right into your picture to the clock behind the door. Fantastic and utterly brilliant work.

  8. Great composition of your surr-cus, Nancy, love the 3D effect!

  9. I also love circus and clown art…
    I really like the colors you used…
    This is truly a wonderful art piece.


  10. This is fantastic, Nancy.
    What a great inspiration piece.

  11. this is fabulous and your work is amazing~!!~ but i still don't like clowns.


  12. Hi Nancy, this card is fantastic!
    Thank you for leaving a comment at my blog. I immediately took a look on your blog to see that you are still making very nice pieces of art. I also watched the slideshow on your flickr site, very nice atcs!