Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bus Travel - an altered matchbox

Matchbox for GAS Mamma swap.
Measuring a tiny 1 and 3/8 by 2 inches,
covered with a British city map and embellished with an authentic
London bus ticket, coin and silk cord,
the slider opens to reveal some necessaries.

A 'Lucky Piece' several vintage bus passes and a key to the flat.
(authentic brass key)
And all the way on the inside, just pull the little handle for a bit of history.
A photograph of the installation of the first traffic light in London.

The bus drivers appear to be scoffing. Like that's going to stop them!

At one time a preferred mode of transport, buses may have lost some of their charm today.
In this little altered matchbox, I hope to hearken back to those other times.


  1. Such a great idea Nancy.. so well put together with all the little vintage bits. The old London buses have become a topic of nostalgia now, with the conductors and the tickets and calling out the destination at each stop. You could also ask the conductor to tell you when you got to your desination if you were in an unknown area.
    Such a lovely little box full of memories

  2. A fantastic piece Nancy - can't help chuckling that you 'over the water' have put his together with london ephemera. 3p for a bus ride!! lol those were the days.

  3. I like all the detail you put into this! Love that photo!

  4. I love the matchbox!!! It makes me want to pack up a wee case of my own and go on a journey. :)

  5. Great little matchbox,just love the vintage theme !