Tuesday, September 22, 2009


There are forces at work on another level of reality-- forces for good or evil -- always at work 'backstage' on the theater of life.

Magic. What is it? Does it exist somewhere out there as a something to be grasped and harnessed by the fortunate seeker who finds it? Or is it more or less than what it appears to be?

Who or what is the power behind it

Is what we think of as "magic" only an imitation of the power behind Creation, pretending to be the Power of God, Himself?

Thank you, Sandy, at Thank God It's Friday, for a wonderful theme. Mine is a digital Postcard.
Texture from JoesSistah.


  1. Wow Nancy this is really wonderful.
    Incredible design and work.

    Thanks Nancy for your magical entry to TGiF.

  2. I'm so happy I have your blog now to look at as I sign in daily to see what you are creating. This is beautiful Nancy.

  3. That is a beautiful work... and I especially love how you have overshadowed the vain with the true. Just your style, and just why we all love you so much, my dear♥

  4. Wonderful creation! It looks so fantastic.

  5. Beautiful picture. I've added you to my list of blogs. You have so wonderful work here!

    I do believe in magic ... funny that this is a topic I posted on my blog, Magical Places, yesterday and came upon your blog today. Funny how that works.

  6. ah, it's beautiful! You are the best!