Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ribbon Faerie Dolls

The MAD Mamma (Monthly Art Doll) challenge at MAMMA's House is up and it's a lot of fun. These are really quick to make and surprisingly beautiful. Click on the link to take part in the challenge and swap. You just post a photo of yours on the pool and wait for the announcement of partners - randomly selected - for the swap.

Here are some I have made.

Somebody really needs to intervene.

I've gotten terribly hooked.

Here is a Link to a tutorial at Ten Two Studios.
I think these would be great for angels as Christmas decorations.

Close up views available on my Flickr Photostream .


  1. I can see how these ribbon dolls can be addictive...they're very effective...and very beautiful...great work!

  2. Oh wow, these are great. I must see if I can photocopy some ladies in Victorian costume, and some butterfly wings and see what I can do. Great idea and yours are beautiful.

  3. hey long lost friend... how are you doing? i haven't been over here for a while (sorry) so i'll have to go through a lot of your posts. i love your creativity, but i enjoy knowing how you're doing, too.

    these ribbon faerie dolls are BEAUTIFUL. i especially like the middle one. i think i'll go check out the tutorial. doubt i'd make one, but you never know =)